Parting is such a sweet sorrow..

House I called home for the last 9 years.  Home where my heart lies. Remembering the lovely moments, the laughter, the joy, genuine conversations, decisions, honest introspections & all my blessings. How, as years went by i started loving this haven, every nook & cranny and the small backyard. To all the flowers that bloomed here, the greens that grew here, the sun,wind, earth & rain that nourished them, mellow morning lights, glorious sunsets, rainy, foggy & sunny days, all the night outs & late night drives, to all the shared food & warm memories i owe you gratitude.Home that gave me immense happiness, the place where i learned to enjoy me-time,  silence & solitude, the place that taught me to see beauty in everyday things.

15 years of blissful life ends as another chapter starts soon..

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My Blue Bird Of Happiness

Why do some guests overstay?
Not in your home, but in your heart
Make birdhouses in your soul
And sing the sweetest melody

My blue bird of happiness
Flies from garden to garden
For sky is his home
And his music is for the world..

I am caged by his charm
And wait for his song
I still love him
When he perches on my branch sometimes

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My Sky

Are you my sky?
Because, i see you in all the things i love
The silver moon, the setting sun, the twinkling stars & aimless clouds
I carry you with me wherever i go
You are my sky

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The book that I have been eagerly waiting to get my hands on!

Maria Popova, the brain behind Brain Pickings, is my favourite personality on social media. She writes on a variety of topics covering science, art, literature & philosophy. The beauty of her writing is that she links the world of arts & science with poetry & provide meaningful insights. I have been reading brainpickings for more than a decade now, for pleasure, personal growth & enrichment. It’s through her blogs that I have come to learn more about many famous, obscure & sometimes forgotten authors, artists & creators.

In her debut, non fiction book, Figuring, she explores the lives, loves & work of some famous scientists, poets, philosophers & artists….exceptional people who ever got to ‘figure’ out the world! The book is a combined biography of these innovators, many of whom are female & queer. The line up include Mathematician Johannes Kepler, Astronomer Maria Mitchell, Poet Emily Dickinson, Marine Biologist Rachel Carson, to name a few..
The 1st sentence itself will blow your mind!

An outstanding book,that chronicles almost 500 years of scientific discoveries, mostly by “women of genius who have become the successful rivals of man in the paths which they have chosen”. The extensive research & million references used throughout the book is mind-boggling.

One for the curious minds, this book is definitely a keeper!


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The Forty Rules Of Love

“Bountiful is your life, full and complete. Or so you think, until someone comes along and makes you realize what you have been missing all this time. Like a mirror that reflects what you have resisted seeing. That person can be a lover, a friend or a spiritual master. Sometimes it can be a child to look after. What matters is to find the soul that will complete yours.”– Elif Shafak, The Forty Rules Of Love

A beautiful & mesmerising book on love & friendship, a journey of finding & losing yourself and filled with thought provoking messages..
The novel contains 2 parallel stories, separated by centuries. The contemporary one is about friendship between Ella & Aziz and the other is set in 13th century, when Rumi encountered his spiritual mentor, the whirling dervish known as Shams of Tabriz. The two stories are intertwined to create an engaging read. Ella works at a literary agency & is reviewing a book named ‘Sweet Blasphemy’, a spiritual love story between Rumi and Shams of Tabriz, written by Aziz . Ella is mesmerised by the tale of Sham’s search for Rumi & tranformation of Rumi into a passionate poet, mystic & advocate of love and is slowly drawn to the author. As she reads on, she realizes that Rumi’s story mir­rors her own and that Aziz —like Shams—has come to set her free.

Being a fan of Rumi’s poetry it was really good to know how he became such a good poet and knowing the person who was behind it, Shams of Tabriz.

If you are a Rumi lover, after reading this book you will definitely love Shams, for his personality, for his forty rules of love & above all his devotion to God

Are you Rumi or Shams? Are you the student or the master? A question that you will continuously ask yourself after reading this book..

“Every true love and friendship is a story of unexpected transformation. If we are the same person before and after we loved, that means we haven’t loved enough.”FB_IMG_1539759189613

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A Man Called Ove

A gem of a novel that will melt the coldest of hearts!
This is the story of Ove, a grumpy old man with a heart of gold, how he tries to cope with the pain & loss of his wife Sonja, his interactions with the people in his neighbourhood, particularly the way he is thrust into friendship with his new neighbours & how each connection slowly transforms him..
As the story unfolds, we get to see different layers of Ove’s persona, his honesty, his kindness, his principles, glimpses from his past & we will slowly fall in love with this gruff old man. He will charm us with his completely uncharming ways. We will be emotionally touched by the love between Ove & Sonja…
A heart-achingly beautiful story of love, life, heartbreaks & friendship. It proves the ability of people to touch one another’s life. It teaches that there’s more to a person than what you see at first glance…
Backman’s brilliant writing style makes this an endearing read , humorous & touching …
Worth reading..Ove will definitely steal your heart!20181001_083402

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Window tales

Unbearable lightness of languid days
I had always wished for a window with a view
A window framed by flowers
Happy to watch time & season pass by outside my window..
At the same time there is a heavy feeling in my heart..


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What matters in the end!


As the Supreme court’s decision on ‘passive euthanasia’ centres the debates & discussions nowadays, i thought of sharing this incredible book on death & mortality..
Many of you must have already read this. Those who have not, if you are 50 or above i urge you to read this..
This book gives you a 1st hand account of what growing old means in 21st century, sufferings of persons with terminal illness, the available medical treatments, the procedure followed by their doctors, end of life care options & how to make the last years of life meaningful..20180204_101053
It’s inevitable. We all are going to age & die one day. But the question is how do you want to spend your last days. What’s the quality of life we wish. The author, a doctor himself, debates this point by revealing the various experiences of his patients. With the tremendous achievement in medical field, doctors are now able to prolong the life of a person, with the aid of life saving drugs & equipments. But on the far side, it might just make one bedridden, with tubes everywhere, fading in & out of awareness. According to the author, modern medicine has failed in dealing with end of life issues . He suggests that objective of medicine should not be health & survival alone, rather about quality of life & dying with dignity.
The book takes us on a tour of gerantology, nursing homes, assisted living facilities etc. Although primarily set in the US, it is relevant to humans everywhere.. With a plethora of dreadful diseases like cancer waiting to attack us, it makes sense to read about how our body is going to behave during illness & aging. The book will help you figure out how you want to exit, if you get a choice!
A chilling read, one that will make sure that we take our health seriously & spend an active life.


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Musical nostalgia

Musical nostalgia!

All it takes is one song to bring back thousand memories
Was in class 10 when this film released. Remember crushing over Shantikrishna bcos someone told me that I looked like her & trust me I had the same hair style..
Memories of teenage years, school days, friends, silly crushes, endless conversations, carefree days..all come rushing back….Sigh!

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When breath becomes air

Ever since i read the Dr Paul’s essays ‘How long have I got left’ and ‘Before I go’ way back in 2016 & the consequent articles about him on various sites , i have been yearning to read this book..
What can I say about this book. It’s not just an autobiography. It’s a profoundly moving experience, a doctor’s transformation from a medical student into a neurosurgeon & then finally into a patient confronting his own mortality. It’s a heartbreaking journey through the brilliant doctor’s life, how he bravely faces his illness & how the young doctor tries to find ‘What makes life worIMG_20180218_095242_669th living in the face of death’. .
We take many things for granted in life. But not everything is in our hands. We have no power over death or illness. The book reminds you of the transience of life.
The message he left us is quite eloquently simple.. make life as meaningful as you can in the time you have. An unforgettable read. Sad yet inspirational.

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